Hair Styling Legend Louis Licari from the Today Show and Industry Experts Name Makeup Artistry by Tish “Beauty’s Newest Rising Star”

Hair Styling Legend Louis Licari from the Today Show and Industry Experts Name Makeup Artistry by Tish “Beauty’s Newest Rising Star”

When I decided to enter Go Pretty’s 1st Annual 2011 National Beauty Pro Award Contest, I have to admit, I was instantly drawn to what I considered once-in- a life time prizes. I mean who could resist the chance of possibly winning 5,000 in cash and prizes, an all expense paid trip to New York City, and the opportunity to spend the morning behind-the-scenes on the set of The Today Show’s “The Plaza Ambush Makeover” with hair styling legend Louis Licari and his team; not me!    Not to mention, The Nation’s #1 Ranked Bridal Beauty Agency, Hair Comes The Bride, also added a prize to the package.


The contest called for all hair, makeup and nail artists around the country who thought they had what it took to win in this first annual search for the “Best in Beauty .”   Contestants had to submit an online portfolio as well as a written or video submission explaining why they should be chosen the winner. Of course me being who I am, I decided to push the limit and did both. My Award Winning Video garnered more views than any other on the site and my written submission was “most popular” for weeks at a time. But even with all that attention, I hoped and prayed the judges would choose my portfolio as the best. And as luck would have it, they did!


I got the call on June 6 from Go Pretty Founder Tracy Saunders and I can still remember my heart beating hard and fast as my hand shook uncontrollably. I was humbled, almost speechless, searching for the words to express my feelings of gratitude and honor as I smiled from the inside out, knowing that dreams really do come true.  In her words, I deserved it and she was happy I was the contest’s First Winner. And, because of my diverse portfolio, I was coined the “Color Customizer.”  How cool is that?


The creation of Go Pretty’s Annual Beauty Pro Awards is the natural next step for Tracy Saunders who, through her work hiring and managing elite beauty


professionals in New York City, noticed there was no shortage of talent. What was lacking, however, were opportunities for these undiscovered stars to gain exposure and develop their brand. The Awards are one of the first ways works to publicly recognize the best and brightest new beauty pros and celebrate what they offer to not only to the industry but their clients and the world in general.


When my husband and I arrived on the set of Today Show’s Plaza Ambush, it was everything I imagined and more.  Hair Styling Legend Louis Licari and his team were down-to-earth and very welcoming. And I can tell you that Kathy Lee and Hoda are as funny off camera as they are on, and I was so tickled by that. Louis’ celebrity makeup artist of 25 years, Enid O’, not only complimented my work but said she was honored to be there with me. As a makeup artist, I’m always striving to learn more and be better at my craft and receiving that kind of feedback from a veteran celebrity MUA truly was the icing on the cake.


The afternoon concluded with lots of pictures with Louis and his team and me personally thanking him for his hospitality.  My husband and I then returned to our luxurious room at the Roosevelt Hotel in midtown Manhattan and got ready for more shopping and sightseeing.  And even now as I look back at those moments, I still smile, because I can honestly say that it was an unforgettable once-in-a lifetime experience.

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