Synthetic Precision Kit by Sigma Delivers Precision Application

Synthetic Precision Kit by Sigma Delivers Precision Application

Sigma has done it again! They have expanded their line of Sigmax brushes to now include a

Synthetic  Precision Kit. True fans of Sigma remember when we were introduced to their first collection of brushes in this line; they feature exclusive Sigmax filament. Imagine using brushes that allow you to use less product because it’s not absorbed into the fibers. This is a makeup artist’s dream.


The high definition Sigmax brush line truly delivers flawless makeup application every time. When I got my Precision Kit in the mail I was so excited. After opening the box, I immediately recognized the new high shine on the brush handles and a laser engraved logo on the ferrules. Sigma gets two thumbs up for the new look!


I love brushes, but I truly love brushes that deliver as promised. The short dense uber soft fibers were developed to mimic your fingertips, making it ideal for applying makeup on precise areas of your face, .i.e. under eye, around the inner corner of your eyes, your lids, the bridge of your nose and around it, as well as your cupid’s bow.


My favs from this brush line are the P82 Precision Round. I use it to apply my eye shadow primers and cream shadows and it blends the products in seamlessly. I also use it when applying concealer under my eyes and was very impressed by the smooth appearance afterwards. I typically use my ring finer to apply and blend my concealer, but using the P82 really ensured a flawless application, much superior to my ring finger.  The P80 Precision Flat is definitely my next favorite when I’m trying to hide those unsightly blemishes. The flat top is perfect for stippling concealer and setting powder on those small imperfections.


Although I’ve used the P84 Precision Angled to contour my nose, it’s definitely not one I see myself reaching for often, but it does deliver a beautiful result.  This winter, I’m wearing bold reds and maroon colored lips and have only really used the P86 to add concealer around my lips to prevent the color from bleeding. And the P84’s performance has been a winner. But I will have to play with this brush a little more to ensure I’m getting the best use of it.


The Synthetic Precision Kit can be purchased directly from Sigma’s website for $49 or separately for about $14. If you’re like me, you probably spend a lot of money during the holidays so you may not be ready to chalk up the $$, but it’s definably worth it, if you got it to spend.

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